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Recent publications and projects...



I recommend and introduce 12 short fictions here at the Personal Anthology project (December 2018) 


I was guest editor of The Arsonist Magazine (Burning House Press) in September 2018 


My non-nonfiction, 'A Soft Taxonomy of Rocks, was published by Burning House Press in August 2018 


My short story, 'The Topology of Hell', was published in 'FELT: Aesthetics of Grey', from ZenoPress (November 2018)


I was commissioned to write a short story for the Still Barred collection, coming soon from Unbound
The Sultan's Seal, October 2017 edition, includes my poem 'The Mutability of Beauty'


The March 2017 issue of RIC Journal features my poem 'A New Mythology for Hunger', and I've photography at the RIC Gallery from my recent travels around the east coast of America


I was delighted to sit on the non-fiction panel and share new work at the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival in the Cotswolds, April 2016, and I read from my work-in-progress at an Unbound event in Oxford later the same month

Minor Literature[s] published my essay 'The Notebook' in February 2016. It's a future essay made from bent jigsaw pieces of the present. 

I wrote and presented a documentary about Virginia Woolf and modern architecture, which was premiered at the Institute of English Studies (University of London) in July 2015, as part of the Literary London Society conference.

An essay I wrote for Minor Literature[s]: 'On skin and the self' (February 2015)

My short story 'The Old Garden of the Alcazar' was published in Firewords Quarterly (Autumn 2014) and is illustrated by Sarah Dayan

I wrote an essay on modern architecture, feminist literature, and Virginia Woolf, for Volume 3 of architecture journal Edge Condition (September 2014)

I have a poem issue 14 of Prole (Summer 2014)

My play 'The Space between the Snow' is featured in the launch issue of international arts journal Silver Apples, May 2014

'I Create a Storm' was published in Visual Verse Vol. 1 Chapter 5 (March 2014). I also have a short piece in Visual Verse Vol. 1 Chapter 6 (April 2014) and a poem in Visual Verse Vol. 1 Chapter 8 (June 2014) 

I was thrilled to be long-listed for the Lightship International Poetry Prize in October 2013. Patrons of this prestigious award include Sir Andrew Motion, Christopher Reid and Hilary Mantel

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